I am Curator for Notting Hill Arts Club

I have some exciting news on my career development in curating… I am now curator for Notting Hill Arts Club which is  a specialist pioneering music and arts venue. Here is what Notting Hill Arts Club say about themselves on their website:

Through conceptualising and cultivating niche, underground and genre defining nights, the artsclub has set the musical map of London. Alongside our serious graphic arts based exhibition programme, concept visuals, and extended area-shaping public arts projects, the artsclub is fundamentally explained in its belief that a world created by artists would be a better place.

What and How am I Curating at Notting Hill Arts Club?

I am very excited about this opportunity and I decided to create a new visual art and sound series for Notting Hill Arts Club which I am curating. This new programme reflects my curatorial curiosities, research and practice into new contemporary visual art work by emerging artists, sound art and the idea of the non-gallery space. The series is allowing me the profile  artists whose work I think is cutting edge, interesting and different. I will curate exhibitions around every 2 months and the opening/ private views of these shows will have a whole night created around them with sound and performance artists who I have chosen because their work fits together with the style and ethos of the venue as well as complimenting the artwork to be displayed on the walls of the Club. The process of curating in this non-gallery space is interesting and challenging as the Club is in a basement area, so it is not well lit, therefore I am also choosing art work which is vibrant and will stand out well and is appropriate to the club environment. I am also having to consider the fact that the venue is not an art gallery, so people are using the space to socialise, watch live bands and have a good time so the work needs to be secure so damage is minimised and the work is protected yet can still be enjoyed and on view. For this first exhibition, the images are being printed on matt vinyl which is a resistant material that will stick to the well used club walls like a huge sticker.

the exterior of Notting Hill Arts Club. Sandwiched between a restaurant & a hair salon, you have to be in the know to realise what's beyond the wooden doors... 'small basement, big fun' nottinghill.london.myvillage.com

the exterior of Notting Hill Arts Club. Sandwiched between a restaurant & a hair salon, you have to be in the know to realise what’s beyond the wooden doors… ‘small basement, big fun’ nottinghill.london.myvillage.com

The Idea of a Multi Purpose Arts Space

The Notting Hill Arts Club is the perfect type of venue which matches my interests and strong belief in the idea that the future for showing art work seems to more and more be the multi purpose space, meaning that a venue which artists and curators can work in, also has another strand of revenue in order to keep it going and secure its future. In the case of Notting Hill Arts Club, that’s the live music nights they put on and charge at the door for.

Online Presence and Publicity through Social Media Networks WORKS

I was actually approached by a staff member of the Notting Hill Arts Club team who had been researching artists and curators on the Internet, thanks to this blog where my work was viewed and it appealed to the person who contacted me. I’m a believer in the power of social media and free online publicity for creatives. Its working for me so far! Further to this, I have started a professional Facebook page to keep people updated on my work as a curator and you can join it by clicking here.

In my next post I’ll outline the first exhibition and event curated by me for Notting Hill Arts Club which will be happening soon.