Anish Kapoor at Lisson Gallery

Last week I went to the press preview of the new Anish Kapoor exhibition at Lisson Gallery on Bell Street in London, which shows the work of the past year from this Turner Prize winning artist.

I enjoyed this colourful, playful exhibition which explores texture, pigments and materials.

You can read my review of the exhibition for One Stop Arts here

The exhibition is at Lisson Gallery until 10th November 2012.

Other reviews of art exhibitions that I’ve written for One Stop Arts can be read here.

5 Comments on “Anish Kapoor at Lisson Gallery”

  1. theoverflown says:

    Out of curiosity, what did you think of his ‘Orbit’ for the Olympics?

    • I have to admit to not having seen it in the flesh up close, only from afar – from the train line where it’s visible & pictures of course . I think some public art projects like that can be difficult to pull off. As a piece I haven’t warmed to it like I have to other large scale projects of Kapoor’s like the “Bean” in Chicago which I think surpasses it. In comparison, it’s disappointing. I’m also attracted to more aesthetically beautiful work too so the Orbit isn’t my favourite. I think as an artist he can play better with material etc. But still it’s certainly a memorable landmark. What’s your view? – Kate.

      • PS I’ve just dipped into browsing your blog which is great! You have had some amazing experiences, I wonder how you got started with reviewing and writing? Wow, I would love to be sent to Italy to review, as I lived there for a year and am fluent in Italian… Thanks for commenting, its great to have interaction on here.

      • theoverflown says:

        I feel exactly the same – the ‘orbit’ was quite a disappointment compared to, in particular as you say, works like the ‘Bean’… I was expecting something more spectacular and, perhaps, more immersive – a lot of his works play with reflections and light in a way that completely engulfs and disorientates… so, to sum up, i didn’t like it much!

        And thanks for taking a look a my blog. šŸ™‚ I’m quite lucky to have had the experiences I’ve had I think. I started writing for magazines when i was a student at KCL and then did the thing of emailing countless numbers of magazines to try to get more and more experience. As unglamorous as it is, I’ve spent most of my time emailing people! I was quite lucky at flux magazine as well to be able to set-up and be the editor of the food and travel section which has led to plenty of press trip opportunities, such as Italy! I’m very jealous of your Italian skills! My Italian’s pretty bad….!

      • theoverflown says:

        PS I’m also looking through your blog and enjoying it a lot! Some wonderful things to read… how did you start with your reviewing and interviewing?

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