Food, Glorious Food!

I definitely feel closer to the side of living to eat rather than eating to live!

I’m Jewish and food is very important to me culturally. Jewish festivals follow the narrative of ‘They Tried to Kill Us, We Survived, Let’s Eat!’ and I always enjoy going to my family home and being well fed with traditional favourites. I’m a staunch believer that my mother’s Jewish penicillin (chicken soup) is the best in the world and can cure anything…

I have lived in Italy for a year and I go back very often as I am really in love with the country. Definitely one of the reasons for that is thanks to wonderful Italian food which varies so much between regions. Pizza, pasta, ice creams… so many of my favourites come from Italy. Another first choice of mine is that British staple – the curry. I love spicy food and enjoy the variety of Indian curries, as well as Thai massaman curry and Japanese katsu curry which I could eat far more often than I should. I’m also very fond of Israeli food and I am lucky to get frequent homecooked Israeli inspired dishes made for me, such as shakshuka, tahina with flamed grilled aubergine and more. One of my preferred quick meals is falafel in pita bread stuffed with pickled peppers and salads – yum.

I especially love baking as to me it’s just magic. I’m often a little nervous once I’ve prepared everything as one is never sure how it’ll turn out. Then the magic happens in the oven and when it comes out I feel proud of what I’ve made, even although it isn’t usually anything that complicated, it’s satisfying to do some creative science and then there’s something in the cake tin for my sweet tooth = perfect!

I like baking the best of British, what I call Women’s Institute cakes as they are simple, continue a heritage I want to celebrate and well, they’re just delicious!

I’m starting to make my own bread as well and am trying out different recipes to get it right.

Here are some examples of bakes and other food that I’ve made.

Gyoza - Japanese dumplings. I made these with chicken and vegetables inside

French Onion Soup

Date and Walnut Loaf Cake

Cheese Puffs

Red Velvet Cupcakes for St Valentine


Seeded Wholemeal Bread Loaf


Onion Dairy Tart


Onion Buns


Limoncello Lemon Cake


Christmas - Chanukah presentation plate with some homemade goodies


Florentines and Stollen



4 Comments on “Food, Glorious Food!”

  1. Now you’ve got me feeling hungry! I’m with you on the baking and especially bread. And I love all things pasta too!

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